Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a valuable strategy for companies seeking new ways to achieve high performance by controlling costs, reducing risk, fostering collaboration and increasing transparency.

DECSI's BPO Services focuses in partnering with US Data Entry Service Bureaus to provide an offshore option that can provide substantial savings with low hourly wages in the overseas market. We provide hourly-based as well as record or page-based services. Our rates depend on the volume and service requirements. Typically, partners requiring a minimum of 3 shifts with 5 clerks per shift are priced as low as $4.00 an hour per person. Our clerks have expertise in CMS1500 and UB04 medical claims and payable invoices. Other BPO services may require training prior to production services. See BPO Service for other details.invoices. Other BPO services may require training prior to production services. See BPO Service for other details.
US corporate giants, including the fortune 500 companies are finding out that as many as 20% of their human resources are tasked to provide internal services that has no direct value to the core focus of the company services and products. Manual keying of paper invoices, health claims and other business processes are known to be time consuming and costly, yet requiring timely responses to insure savings.

DECSI, with 24 hours data entry and business process services, can provide your company immediate outsourcing services that in turn translate into rapid ROI on your paper document processing. We provide both page based and hourly based services. Our hourly rate range from $4.00 an hour to $8.00 an hour based on the volume.
Customer provides samples of documents to be indexed and imaged.
DECSI specialist analyzes the documents and provide understanding document.
Customer provides the output requirements for the captured documents.
DECSI provides a secured FTP folder for customer to upload daily scanned images.
DECSI configures in-house data entry software based on customer's document capture requirements.
Customer scans documents and upload the images onto the designated FTP folder.
DECSI downloads the images and perform data extraction based on the requirement.
DECSI creates the output files based on customer requirement. (XML, CSV, ANSI X12, etc...)
Customer picks up the processed output files and images from outgoing FTP folder for further processing.