We provide support services partnering with CloudX and ScanOptics for the physical scanning and capture of documents via our state of the art scan facility. Your documents can be quickly and effortlessly converted into many usable formats including searchable PDF, empowering you to retrieve your documents effectively. Our platform also affords you the ability to import your own files via TWAIN/MFD/FTP connectors if you have already strategically invested in hardware to facilitate scanning at your site. As an additional convenience, we provide support services around document indexing, whereby we can ensure that your documents are organized according to your needs in a highly cost effective manner by our well-educated and highly trained staff. We also provide BPO services to US-based companies mainly in document imaging, indexing and content management areas. We posses strong skill and background in utilizing technology on form recognition technologies to increase performance and accuracy, where our partners highly benefit from low-cost services that we provide.